Why We Should Be Paying Attention to the Evolving World Of Staffing Technology Solutions

Kathy Douglas

"Like so many things in this fast-paced world, staffing solutions are evolving at remarkable speed" opens the new article in Nursing Economic$ by Kathy Douglas, RN, MPH-HA national leader in healthcare staffing and ShiftHound's new Chief Clinical … [Continue reading]

ShiftHound Adds Next Generation Approach to Time and Attendance as part of its Suite of Affordable, Cloud-based Workforce Management Solutions

Attendance Mobile

ShiftHound, the leading provider of online Staff Scheduling Software expands its offerings in the Workforce Management arena with the release of AttendanceHound™, a cloud-based solution for Time and Attendance. "This strategic move is in response … [Continue reading]

ShiftHound Online Staff Scheduling Software Announces Version 1.1 of Credentialer™


ShiftHound, the leading provider of cloud-based Staff Scheduling Software, delivers version 1.1 of Credentialer™. ShiftHound expands the power of its suite of workforce management solutions with the release of Credentialer™ v1.1. As a stand-alone … [Continue reading]

Scheduling Beyond the Clinical Areas


Organization Wide Value Does your Dietary Department or Environmental Services Department still use paper for scheduling? Many may not realize that the benefits you get from scheduling with ShiftHound are not limited to the clinical areas.  Built on … [Continue reading]

ShiftHound Online Staff Scheduling Software Announces New Tools to Manage Avoidable Overtime and Support Safe Staffing with the Release of v5.2


San Diego, Calif. July 6, 2016 — ShiftHound, the leading provider of cloud-based Staff Scheduling Software, delivers version 5.2 of its unrivaled online Scheduling and Open Shift Management (OSM) application. "Our main priority with this new release … [Continue reading]

Empowering Data Driven Decisions


Data driven or evidence-based decision-making is a must in today's world of staffing and scheduling.  We use data to inform our decisions, to track the impact of our decisions, to defend decisions, and to identify ways we need to make adjustments. … [Continue reading]

Don’t Just Collect Credentialing Data. Put it to Work for You.

The headaches, issues, and risks that come with collecting, verifying, tracking and maintaining credentials are well known so it is not surprising that organizations are quickly migrating to now affordable, cloud-based credentialing solutions. The … [Continue reading]

The Role of Staffing Automation in Reducing Turnover

employee engagement

Kathy Douglas RN, MPH-HA, Chief Clinical Officer with ShiftHound In the constant search for cost savings in healthcare operations, employee turnover is a culprit many would like to address. In acute care, turnover rates run around 20%, in long … [Continue reading]

Zen and the Art of Healthcare Staffing

ShiftHound Mobile

By Kathy Douglas RN, MPH-HA, Chief Clinical Officer with ShiftHound It wasn't that long ago that few, if any, could imagine that a telephone would have all the capabilities of today's Smartphones. Yet here we are talking, texting, taking pictures … [Continue reading]

Too Busy to Do it Right?

By Kathy Douglas RN, MPH-HA, Chief Clinical Officer with ShiftHound Being a manager in healthcare is hard. Along with 24×7 responsibility comes a constant flow of complex situations, unpredictable variables and sorting through the vast array of … [Continue reading]