Flexibility – The Key to a Single System Solution

EmployeesDifferent departments, different groups, even different users, have different needs. This is a reality that can cause concern when looking for a staffing solution. While some developers have built staffing products for specific areas, like long-term care, emergency departments, acute care or physician groups, the next generation of staffing solutions have taking a different approach.

Today systems are purposefully designed with the flexibility needed to meet the varying needs across an organization. Fear not, this does not mean that complex and expensive customization is necessary, quite the opposite. The flexibility needed to serve different needs is architected into these systems, from the ground up. When combined with smart design, this means that by completing simple, easy to use configuration screens, different departments, different groups, with different needs are easily accommodated.

With a single solution that has the flexibility to meet the varying needs of different areas, you get many benefits; organization wide views into scheduling, workforce optimization, consolidated data and reporting at all levels to name a few.

ShiftHound – we build software with flexibility in mind.

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