Why Nurses Love ShiftHound – Easy and Convenient

Nurse DogIt’s not the cute dog, well maybe just a little, but Nurses across the country and in all kinds of settings are big fans of ShiftHound. The designers at ShiftHound have mastered two things that really matter to nurses – Make it easy and convenient.

Nursing is hard. The complexities of what nurses deal with everyday is something that leaves most people in awe and is almost impossible to predict. The last thing nurses need is technology systems that add to, rather than relieve, the burden of their workday. ShiftHound had this in mind when creating things like fully mobile scheduling, which allows nurses to manage their schedules (add shifts, request time off, swap shifts) at any time from their mobile phone. In search of ways to make nurses lives easier came credential/license tracking and friendly alerts when expirations are coming up, eliminating one more thing a nurse has to worry about. Then ShiftHound tackled those pesky time clock punches by building Geolocation which allows nurses to punch in and out from their mobile phones. [Continue reading]

ShiftHound replaces the need for punch clocks with Geolocation in the release of ShiftHound Mobile v1.2

Mobile Geopunch

ShiftHound, the leading provider of cloud-based Workforce Management Solutions expands the use of technology in their commitment to modernize workforce management. Among other powerful mobile features, the release of ShiftHound Mobile version 1.2 … [Continue reading]

ShiftHound v6.0 delivers Automatic Avoidable Overtime Reports to your Inbox


ShiftHound, the leading provider of online Staff Scheduling Software delivers version 6.0 of their online Scheduling and Open Shift Management (OSM) application.  This latest release provides managers with proactive tools for better scheduling … [Continue reading]

Everybody Loves Mobile!

ShiftHound Mobile

Staff love the ability to manage their schedule on their phone.  They can see their schedule, pick up shifts, swap shifts and get instant text/email notifications when new shifts become available.  Managers love mobile scheduling as well. They have … [Continue reading]

Start the New Year Off Right – with New Mobile Scheduling and Attendance Tracking

Mobile Scheduling and Attendance

A new year is just around the corner. This is the time of year when we start thinking about letting go of the past and making fresh starts. When it comes to scheduling, there are many reasons that a fresh start should be on your mind for 2017. If … [Continue reading]

Make Holiday Scheduling Easy and Fair

Holiday Schedule

Scheduling for holidays is hard. The tension between work obligations and the pull of family, social, and spiritual events, coupled with a wide range of beliefs, creates challenges for staff and managers alike. Here are a few tips that can offset … [Continue reading]

Transform Your Scheduling Environment and Drive Staff Satisfaction

Happy Employees

People care a lot about their work schedules. When they work and when they are off impacts their personal life, family life, social life and financial situation. How staffing decisions are made can impact feelings of inclusion, fairness, and … [Continue reading]

Avoidable Overtime – ShiftHound’s Proactive Approach to Managing Overtime

Is overtime avoidable? The evidence points to yes a lot more often than you might think. When making a staffing decision that results in overtime, it is not unusual to make that decision without a full understanding of how the overtime could be … [Continue reading]

Flexibility – The Key to a Single System Solution


Different departments, different groups, even different users, have different needs. This is a reality that can cause concern when looking for a staffing solution. While some developers have built staffing products for specific areas, like long-term … [Continue reading]

Using Data for Improved Staffing Outcomes

ShiftHound Organization Charts

When you have access to the right data, on the same screen where you are making staffing decisions, you will see improved efficiency, productivity and financial performance. This is a reality that comes with well designed and modern staffing … [Continue reading]