Goodbye Punch Clocks! Introducing Cloud-based Time and Attendance

No Missed Punches

The future of Time and Attendance tracking has arrived. It’s smart, it’s easy and it’s affordable. Here’s how it works. As employees arrive at their designated facility or department (or really, any location), they simply click “Punch In” from their mobile phone. If they forget, a reminder pops up and they can “Punch In” right from the reminder. In the background Geolocation or iBeacon technology assures that employees are indeed on site where the need to be when they punch in or out. [Continue reading]

The Cost of Resisting Change (Part 3)

Stressed Nurse 3

Returning to our series on The Cost of Resisting Change, it’s time to tackle one of the biggest obstacles to managing labor costs, addressing turnover and gaining new levels of efficiency in healthcare staffing. That obstacle is how managers often … [Continue reading]

Your Happiness Inspires Us to Do More

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What inspires us at ABILITY is seeing our innovations make your life better. Here are a few of the things you inspired in 2017 You asked us to take our powerful, easy to use, cloud-based approach that we are known for in staff scheduling and … [Continue reading]

No More Missed Punches

No Missed Punches

You know all that time spent on dealing with missed punches and reconciling timecards? You can have it back! Welcome to the next generation of time and attendance tracking. Modern, sophisticated and easy, you can now let technology do what it does … [Continue reading]

The Cost of Resisting Change (Part 2)

Stressed Nurse

Kathy Douglas RN, MPH-HA In our last post The Cost of Resisting Change is Going Up we promised to share some examples and offer suggestions for simple changes that can help build and maintain an engaged and committed workforce. While this is a … [Continue reading]

The Cost of Resisting Change is Going Up

Evidence that change is getting our attention was visible in a surprising way, at this years Magnet conference in Houston, with the increased number of vendors offing age defying products. Nurses were lined up to try out new, and by the way … [Continue reading]

Fill More Open Shifts with Staff Engagement


Key to filling more open shifts is creating an environment where scheduling becomes a collaborative process between managers and staff, one in which staff are empowered to be active participants in scheduling. … [Continue reading]

Your Scheduler can be a Powerful Communication Tool During Disasters

Nurse phone

The recent series of disasters is an important reminder that we need to be prepared at all times. Our hearts and support go out to so many who continue to face the devastation left behind, our gratitude for the countless acts of heroism and selfless … [Continue reading]

The Truth About Mobile Apps – Don’t Be Surprised. Be Informed

Millenial with mobile

Just because someone says they have a Mobile App, it does not necessarily mean they have a Mobile App that will perform the way you would expect it to. That is because all Apps are not the same.  Being informed on Mobile Apps can mean the difference … [Continue reading]

Adjusting to Tech Savvy Millennials in the Healthcare Workforce

Millenial Healthcare Workers

Even though we have a multi-generational workforce and all the complexities that entails, paying attention to millennials is something that cannot be avoided. It has been estimated that in the next 10 years they will be 75% of the workforce. There … [Continue reading]