ShiftHound Online Staff Scheduling Software Announces v3.2 with Enhanced Staff Screens and Single-Click Open Shift Response

San Diego, Calif. February 7, 2014 – ShiftHound (, the leading provider of online Staff Scheduling Software, delivers version 3.2 of its unrivaled web-based Open Shift Management (OSM) and Scheduling solution.  The enhanced screens and single-click open shift response now make it even easier and quicker for Staff to use.

The new ShiftHound v3.2 release includes: [Continue reading]

ShiftHound Online Staff Scheduling Software Announces v3.1 with Features to Track Employee Turnover and Support Affordable Care Act (ACA) Requirements


San Diego, Calif. July 8, 2013 – ShiftHound (, the leading provider of online Staff Scheduling Software, delivers version 3.1 of its unrivaled web-based Open Shift Management (OSM)and Scheduling solution. The new features … [Continue reading]

Right Staffing: We Can Eliminate Understaffing AND Overstaffing if We Stop Being Lazy!


Everyone agrees that understaffing a hospital is dangerous and will lead to unhappy staff, poor clinical outcomes, and an increase in sentinel events and related liability. Many states have implemented required staffing ratios to ensure hospitals are … [Continue reading]

ShiftHound Celebrates National Nurses Week by Offering Online Staff Scheduling Solution at up to 50% Off


San Diego, Calif.  May 7, 2013 – San Diego-based ShiftHound (, the leading Software-as-a-Service provider of online Nurse Scheduling Software, in celebration of National Nurses Week May 6th and to honor those that serve our … [Continue reading]

What’s coming in ShiftHound v3.1


We know that our clients will really like the next version of ShiftHound - v3.1 Tracking Employee Turnover and Costs of Churn One of the main highlights of this version will be analytics on employee turnover. The Executive Dashboards will now … [Continue reading]

The High (and Hidden) Costs of Staff Turnover in Healthcare


Everyone has heard the adage “everyone is replaceable”, and most managers take comfort from that when there is staff turnover, but it comes at a cost (and probably higher than you believe) and you better understand what it is exactly before you take … [Continue reading]